Transparent Furniture by Poltrona Frau

When was the last time you have seen an x-ray image of your furniture? Probably never...Well, the designers from Poltrona Frau have made the leap at this year's Milan designREAD MORE >>

Fairytale Chairs by Lando

Well, these two retro chairs from Lando's Gingerbread Collection 2011 definitely look like they are from some imaginary world dwelled by coquet pixies with saucy smiles. With generous dimensions andREAD MORE >>

Clay Lighting by Lando

A part of the Gingerbread Collection by Paola Navone, the unmistakable Clay Lighting of Lando's 2011 production proudly makes its entry. A smart and versatile item, this unusual clay fixtureREAD MORE >>

Mirror Headboard with Ornamental Cutouts by Lando

Looking like it's hanging in pure air with no intention to come down to earth, the mirror headboard with ornamental cutouts by Lando is one of the latest additions toREAD MORE >>

Unusual Shaped Chair: asymmetrical Strip by Casamania

Designed by Fabio Novembre for Casamania, Strip is anything but a single ordinary chair - in fact, its unusual shape produced in sturdy polyethylene with rotational moulding is as infiniteREAD MORE >>

Hanging Staircase Photos: can you say 'cheese'?

Yes, indeed. Aptly named after Swiss cheese with many holes in it, the Emmental hanging staircase surprises with its innovation and creativity. Designed by Biljana Jovanovic, an architect from Budapest,READ MORE >>

Mosaic Tile Sink with Backsplash

This amazing curved bathroom sink Skin by Lago can be mistaken for a backsplash peeled off of the wall. The overall design is captivating. Of course, having walls decorated inREAD MORE >>

Futuristic Lighting by Tom Dixon: Bulb, Etch

Now your attention will be turned again to ever-forward-looking Tom Dixon, the designer who is often referred to as the one and only "vertebrate designer." His latest futuristic lighting collectionREAD MORE >>

Hidden Animal Tea Cups by Ange-line Tetrault


Hidden Animal Tea Cups by Ange-line Tetrault

Canadian designer Ange-line Tetrault has created these Hidden Animal Tea Cups - adorable and fun cups in porcelain. You can have you favorite animal appear slowly as you drink yourREAD MORE >>

Most Popular Floor Lamps for 2011

Based on our observations of the modern lighting market, we believe that these are the most popular floor lamps for 2011, so feel free to take your pick and decideREAD MORE >>

Electric Barn Decor Objects by Mirko Tattarini

Conceived as experimental approaches to lighting and dubbed WildCrafts, these self-produced decor objects by Mirko Tattarini at Lagos Design Studios tell the story of various applications of both uncompromising aestheticsREAD MORE >>

Fun Holiday Gifts: 8 creative tableware designs


Fun Holiday Gifts: 8 creative tableware designs

For fun holiday gifts, look at the tableware. It's amazing how many fun creative tableware designs are out there that can actually be useful. Today's holiday gifts inspirations are fromREAD MORE >>

Bench in Wood and Metal

This bench in wood and metal was designed by the Belarusian firm Solovyov Design. We love the contrasting combination of the dark solid wood and the matte silver metal. ThisREAD MORE >>

Recycled Wood Cabinets Made from Recycled Floorboards

London-based company Studio Mama presents recycled wood cabinets, a sustainable cabinet solution named Reveal - a design made out of recycled floorboards. The beauty about recycled material is the characterREAD MORE >>

Olive Green Furniture for Outdoors

This olive green furniture for outdoors designed by Solovyov Design adds a bold but appropriate statement to an outdoor space. Designed for the Australian company SimpliCity, the Apple furniture collectionREAD MORE >>


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