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Captivatist is a Collection of desirable objects and designs that are not art nor concept neither theory nor dreams but real, practical, useful, buildable, livable and obtainable (ok-ok, obtainable is a 'maybe'). Enjoy it!

Captivatist is a Tool that helps you to stay on top of the latest home design trends and to keep you up-to-date with the latest trendiest home decor products. It also suggests where to buy these products or find more information about them.

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Here are some of our popular trendy home design product reports ...

Popular Luxury Furniture Brands for 2009

Luxury Modern Furniture 2009

Unusual Kitchen Islands

Most Unusual Kitchen Islands

Coolest Bar Sinks

Coolest Bar Sink Ideas

Coolest Wash Basins

Cool Wash Basins

Coolest Bathroom Faucets

Cool Faucets

Innovative Kitchen Faucets

Innovative Kitchen Faucets

Coolest Bathroom Fixtures

Modern Bathroom Fixtures

Cool Ultra Modern Chairs

Cool Ultra Modern Chairs

Coolest Bathroom Sinks

Artistic Bathroom Sinks

Coolest Range Hoods

Coolest Range Hoods

Ceiling Mounted Fireplaces

Coolest Range Hoods

Fun Stuff

1965 Volkswagen Camper Van is Really a Tent

1965 Volkswagen Camper Van is Really a Tent    Come on, admit it. You've always dreamed ... >>


At Captivatist, we're fascinated with modern art, design and architecture, and we'd like to share our finds and inspirations with you, on a daily basis. New product designs, art creations and architectural features pop up every day but only a few would be truly captivating, and you'll find them here. Enjoy it!

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