Industrial Chic Brass Faucets by Watermark Designs

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A real treat for modern urban dwellers, these industrial-chic faucets by Brooklyn-based Watermark Designs are what you've been waiting for. If you're creating unique urban interiors then these faucets are a perfect catch. Definitely, one of the most interesting industrial style faucet designs of 2010. Named after a place where it's manufactured, the Brooklyn bathroom faucet collection was created in collaboration with Incorporated NY Architecture & Design Studio and is complete with lavatory sets, showerheads and a set of coordinating bath accessories. Made from solid brass and finished in oil-rubbed bronze, the Brooklyn faucets are available in 35 finishes and will be sold exclusively through premiere Watermark showrooms across North America. Take inspiration from the designers: "Resembling spokes connected to the axle of a Ferris wheel, Brooklyn's handles radiate a distinct, historical style treasured by urban loyalists. Inspired by mid-century gate valves and garden hoses used throughout New York City, the Brooklyn Collection is yet another example of Watermark's uncanny ability to manufacture industrial artifacts that emulate the artisanal borough from which they hail." Find out more at Watermark Designs.



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