Dining Room Sets for Small Spaces: transformable table and chairs by Ozzio

For small spaces, go with the coolest dining room sets by Ozzio. There are plenty of table and chairs designs to choose from to create your own set. Here's justREAD MORE >>

Plato Table by Maxalto - solid wood dining table

B&B Italia brand Maxalto has introduced a new solid wood dining table - Plato Acro by Antonio Citterio. The legs and the top are all solid wood. The available woodREAD MORE >>

Modern Glass Table captivates with 'no gravity' illusion

Wow, a modern glass table with no visible legs, supported only by a fabric? As it appears ... Here's from its creators, an Italian company Horm: "The force of gravityREAD MORE >>

Table Accessory - Cinderella attachable decoration by Ryan Harc

We find this idea of using shoes as table decoration by the means of attachable accessories quite amusing but not so much out of this world. Indeed, an elegant pairREAD MORE >>

Folding Dining Table Folds into ... Mirror!

Is this a mirror or a table? Both... a mirror unfolds into a modern contemporary folding dining table. A really amazing piece of furniture from an Italian company Porada, don'tREAD MORE >>


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