Modern Playhouse for Kids: Imagination Goes Mod

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Give your kids a creative place to play with this great design from Modern Playhouse. These modular, sustainable play structures for kids take the traditional treehouse one step beyond. Designed by Gitane Royce - a construction professional, environmentalist and mom to a three year-old - Modern Playhouse is made to inspire a whole new generation of artists, designers and dreamers! This handcrafted playhouse is easy to assemble and durable to withstand endless house of play, homework and naps. Strategically placed windows and doors let natural light in, while a nature-inspired color palette gives this playhouse the perfect finish. And in keeping with the company's eco agenda, Modern Playhouse is made by local craftspeople using locally sourced materials, contributing to low environmental impact and a small carbon footprint. "These structures embody what sustainability means to me as an environmentalist and as a mother," says Royce, founder and designer of Modern Playhouse. "Not just green production, but green living - in the form of a design that fits in with the décor of any home, that creates a flexible and durable space, and that is never truly 'outgrown'." For more info visit Modern Playhouse.



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