Popular Plywood Chairs: bent and molded

If in the past rough wood was the material of choice in furniture design and manufacturing, now it seems that plywood is the new star especially because it's an easyREAD MORE >>

Uncommon Furniture by Lando - Gingerbread Collection

Rediscovering the natural decorative power of wood through uncommon furniture designs, shapes and styles, the Gingerbread Collection designed by Paola Navone for Lando creates fascinating contemporary effects inspired by theREAD MORE >>

Modern Flower Vases: 24 Decorative Designs, Ideas and Arrangements

A flower vase may be one of the most exploited design objects in the world - every modern designer has designed a flower vase, and everyone thinks that anything canREAD MORE >>

Ceiling Mounted Fireplaces - 9 coolest ceiling fireplace designs

Just in time for Holidays, here's the collection of 9 trendiest ceiling mounted fireplaces - some of the most desirable items this winter season. This ceiling fireplace report lists 9READ MORE >>

Cool Range Hoods

The coolest range hoods available on the market today must be these absolutely adorable kitchen range hoods by Barriviera Cappe. Shown are the hoods from Barriviera's Modern and Design Lines.READ MORE >>

Bathroom Sinks: 10 Beautiful Artistic Sink Designs

Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ... If you're looking for a statement sink, a conversation starter design for your powder room, a guest bathroom or a master bathroomREAD MORE >>

6 Cool Ultra Modern Chairs That Aren't Overly Ultra

Some ultra modern chairs are just art and are not really useful pieces of furniture ... but these 6 newest chairs can actually be quite practical and are very modernREAD MORE >>

14 Modern Bathroom Fixtures That Will Captivate You

Modern bathroom fixtures have become more like gadgets ... here we've selected the newest bathroom fixtures that fit that gadget bill. Some are from the most known brand name bathroomREAD MORE >>

7 Most Innovative Kitchen Faucets for 2009

Get the scoop on the most innovative kitchen faucets for 2009 at Trendir. The trend article showcases well known faucet brands like KWC, Blanco and Kohler as well some lessREAD MORE >>

15 Unusual Kitchen Islands & Kitchen Island Designs / Ideas

Trendir has just released its kitchen island designs digest for 2009. From a beautiful architectural design to a cutting-edge technological creation, 15 amazing modern kitchen islands are presented ... seeREAD MORE >>

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