Hanging Closet Rod by Pianca - Snake: unusual, modern

Are you afraid of snakes? Or are you more afraid of not having enough storage space for your favorite clothing? Well, this Snake hanging closet rod by Pianca is theREAD MORE >>

Recycled Wood Cabinets Made from Recycled Floorboards

London-based company Studio Mama presents recycled wood cabinets, a sustainable cabinet solution named Reveal - a design made out of recycled floorboards. The beauty about recycled material is the characterREAD MORE >>

Unusual Coat Racks

These unusual coat racks from Nick Fraser Design serve a lot more purpose than just their unusual design. The Pipeworks Series, which is made out of exposed pipes, brings theREAD MORE >>

Unusual Bookcase Designs by h2o Architectes

Unusual bookcase designs become both storage solutions and partitions in this space designed by French h20 Architectes. They came with a unique idea to increase usability of this small 60READ MORE >>

Indoor Firewood Storage Idea: log clever

For a clever indoor firewood storage idea check this cool design by Swedish Studio St. Paul made up of piled up firewood logs. This creative idea sure makes for aREAD MORE >>

Funky Storage Solutions: tree branch shelves

What better way to hold the fruits of knowledge than tree branch shelves? These two funky storage solutions are heavily influenced by the characteristics of trees. The branches, which imposeREAD MORE >>

Book Storage Solutions: Rolling Bookshelves by Bihain

New for 2010, Patatras by Bihain is a fun solution to book storage - the rolling bookshelves. Is it going to roll around all day or will you be successfulREAD MORE >>

Modern Room Divider by Lincoln Kayiwa

Modern Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa has sent us his latest work - AAKKOSET, a room divider and a wall storage unit. A really cool and fine object. Here's from theREAD MORE >>

Funky Home Accessories by Casamania

Inspired by classical French furniture designs, these funky home accessories by Casamania let you express your creativity in a functional way. We love this chest of drawers - a delicate,READ MORE >>

Fashionable Storage Cabinets by Casamania: luggage inspired

Casamania is leading the craze for cabinets! No longer just a functional place to stash your stuff, the fashionable Valises luggage-inspired cabinets by designer Maarten De Ceulaer offer stylish storageREAD MORE >>

Modern Whimsical Wall Boxes - Cornell Boxes by TECTA

These are fun. A more modern and fun interpretation of the old boring decorative wall boxes often found in TJMAXX. Can these funky designs by Alison Smithson for TECTA actuallyREAD MORE >>

Cool Storage Furniture: deserves the art musium?

This cool storage furniture by British designer Lisa Sandall, the 'Chin Up' unit, deserves its place in the art museum, seriously. She did it. It's a very impressive avant-garde designREAD MORE >>

Modern Magazine Rack or Stool by Dino Cicchetti

According to designer Dino Cicchetti, this modern looking magazine rack Vago is an indefinite object. You can use it as a stool, a magazine rack, or even a table whenREAD MORE >>

Shelving Units: cool unusual shelf ideas by Meritalia

These cool and unusual shelving units by Meritalia can be just what you want if you're looking for fun decorative ideas. 'Modern Fossils' shelf units by designer Massimiliano Adami areREAD MORE >>

Decorative Bookshelves: ultra modern bookshelf by Jordi Mila

We've seen many tree-inspired decorative bookshelves but the WisdomTree Bookshelf design by Jordi Mila of Barcelona, Spain is by far the most artistic and aesthetically appealing. An ultra-modern design thatREAD MORE >>


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