Decorative Bookshelves: ultra modern bookshelf by Jordi Mila

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We've seen many tree-inspired decorative bookshelves but the WisdomTree Bookshelf design by Jordi Mila of Barcelona, Spain is by far the most artistic and aesthetically appealing. An ultra-modern design that is sure to spark a conversation ... at which point you can explain to your guests that you simply consider it an innocent decorative object that depicts the proverbial tree of knowledge where books are the fruits of knowledge ... or you can take the conversation in a more fun direction, I believe, otherwise why would Jordi Mila dubbed this bookshelf "The Curse Of Knowledge". Meaning that the more you know the more you get in trouble ... In any case, we think it's a nice decorative piece plus a useful bookshelf for storing your favorite books, as intended. Contact Jordi Mila to order or continue reading after the jump ...



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