Popular: Living Tower by Verner Panton, made by Vitra

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Ever wanted to know what those cool, popular furniture items that you've seen on the Internet or in home decor magazines were and where to get them? Well, today we're starting a new section dedicated to reviewing the most popular furniture and decor items. When Browsing by Style look for posts under Popular tag. We'll be publishing them as we discover them. This first popular item to go is the Living Tower by Verner Panton. It's made by Vitra - visit Vitra for purchasing information.

This organically shaped sculpture can be used on four levels. It is comfortable and interactive, and is upholstered in fabric which you cannot tell by the images. Isn't it amazing that Verner Panton designed it in 1969 but it looks as modern as if it was created just yesterday. Ah, the power of timeless design. You can put it anywhere - in a kids bedroom, office, family room or a living room - it fits. Here's a couple of installation examples ...

As seen on Trendir, Living Tower installed in a home office in a concrete prefab house by architect Felix Oesch, located near Zurich in Switzerland.

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